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Hydropower construction

Hydropower construction

home improvement construction trades including: demolition workers, plumbers, masons, carpenters, painters, etc. According to the construction project includes the following:

1,   removal: by redesigning the layout of, removed some non-load-bearing walls, openings, redundant structures.

2,   hydroelectric project: including the arrangement and construction of water supply and drain again; circuit reset, switches, sockets, lamps to determine position and wiring, setting lines and so on.

3,   roof project: including all ceilings and decorative moldings at the top of ... ... Wait.

4,   wall construction: including wall latex paint, tile, wallpaper background, wall decoration, wall decoration ... ... Wait.

5,   ground works including wood flooring, floor tiles, laminate flooring, skirting ... ... Wait.

6,   furniture engineering: includes coats cabinets, bookcases, TV cabinets, dressers, Shoe cabinets, desks, wine cooler ... ... Wait.

7,   door and window engineering: includes the production and installation of Windows and doors and for doors and Windows, and so on.

8,   painting project: including painting every project.

9,   installation: includes sink, basins, sanitary ware, lamps, appliances, air conditioning ... ... Installation.

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