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1, the base and the overall environment in a coordinated and complement each other, against the atmosphere.
From the overall environmental effects of space, the base surface and the ceiling and wall decoration coordination, taking and indoor furniture, furnishings, and played against each other.
2, pay attention to the ground pattern, color and texture.
Surface pattern design can be divided into three: the first is to emphasize the integrity independent of the pattern itself, such as a conference room, cohesive pattern to show the importance of the Conference. Color should be harmonized and meeting space, achieve quiet, focused results; the second is to emphasize the sense of continuity and rhythm patterns, with some guidance and laws, and more for the lobby, corridors and common space; a third is to emphasize the pictorial abstraction, free variable, free and active, often used in layout of irregular or free space.
3, meet the need of floor structure, construction and physical properties.
Note to base decorative floor structure, under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety, ease of construction, construction, not just one-sided pursuit of pictorial effects, taking into account such as the moisture-proof, waterproof, thermal insulation, thermal insulation and physical properties need.

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