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in the home of contemporary design, blinds appeared in large numbers in the living room, bedroom, bathroom home the main place, its decorative effect is very good.

shutters rather than curtains, able to more flexibly adjust the indoor light, creating a different feel for indoor lighting, adding home smart atmosphere. Can keep the room ventilated. Simply turn the adjustment lever, shutter blade angle can be adjusted freely. Both functional and beautiful, from the economic point of view, does less than the cost of custom-made curtains are much more suitable for fashionable young men. I, for one, prefer

see quality

Shutter blades is important to adjust shutter parts. When buying shutters, it is best to touch the shutter blades are smooth, and see if the each leaf edges. In General, good quality good to shutter in the leaf details, especially the shutter blades of plastic, wood, bamboo, texture is good, then its long service life. Adjusting lever is a need to focus on the part of shutters.

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