Decoration of the room-rough-housing housing quality inspection inspection inspection project
With the continuous rapid economic development in China, the rapid rise of the tertiary industry Office (Office, Office) as necessary for the new service industry consumption space, lost swiftly, and plays an increasingly critical role in the ancient society, has gradually become a microcosm of the city's economic development and the focus of ancient life. The growth of Chinese enterprises expansion and the rapid growth of multinational enterprises to comfort the demand for high quality Office, people are beginning to realize that healthy and comfortable office environment conducive to task communication, improve work efficiency, and help employees stay on mental and physical health. People expect offices to provide animalistic Office environment, Office of animal design Issue (issues) and more people-oriented.
Today, the course start from the Foreign Office, from the Foreign Office created in the course of its advanced design concepts, grasp the trend of office building design of animal. My Office is absolutely better than a late start, product experiences several times qualified for the new generation, to today's fourth generation office beginning stressed to focus on customer needs, business platform aimed at providing low cost, high efficiency, create animal and environmental protection of office space. But my Office there are many Issue not to be ignored (issue) need treatment.
We should take the animal and animal-design of practical advice, environmental behavior, environmental psychology, ergonomics and other disciplines of knowledge, from the ancient Office needs, physiological needs and Office in ancient forms of behaviour analysis of three aspects of the implementation of animal needs for Office space and to deepen the discussion on the basic principle of the Office of animal design. Office of animal needs analysis, based on detailed analysis points for the Office of animal design.
Office building people oriented
Enterprises interested in skyscrapers, glass walls, open lobbies and 5 class a luxury offices. Today, under the new economy spawned, selecting Office space norms, in addition to thinking about devaluation of the regional resource strengths and future, more likely to care for Green Office environment, ecology and health, a "new age" is the most important feature. Green, ecological and health is the permanent theme of
As far as the major capital cities, ten years after the 20th century is the rapid growth of the Office for ten years, is also intelligent universal for ten years. Intellectual communication of information and provides a good diversity of platforms, convenient communication promotes the exchange of people, extend the intervals of the world. Intelligence plays an increasingly critical role in everyday life.
Keep only intelligent is not enough, when our material to a certain level of time, it is necessary to build back our bodies. Into the 21st century office beginning in ancient science and technology under the guise of implementing a clear and sensible reflection. Begin took off his mask of noble humility and honesty and nature friendly dialogue. To Tech's fast and efficient, more fresh air, running water, greenery, natural harmony, one-sided promotion of intelligent forms from the Green, eco-friendly and healthy underground starts.
In major cities, no one can be denied, CBD, Raffles place, are highly populated. What can be made under the conditions of high density? Is traded on the social situation, increased interval, Division of growth, there is also a growing collaboration is a way of increasing social transaction costs and product is the thing. However, it also brings together a for comfort, comfort and economy is always a contradiction, which means that local people to pursue economic, special is the swiftness reflects the business, Enterprise and don't flee the suburbs, could not escape. So, has a local by long-term operation, by expediency of on whole can to a has ecological of location, at least boss is in there enjoy life, and not accept pressure, in guide institutions of time, is enjoy life, is he of economic degree, has to has enough of height, also has he of needs, mind needs, also has he of enterprise of operation nature, are compared right in compared open of environment in to do, away from make suburb, is subdivision of things.
Office people, I learned in the operation: eco-easy to understand literally the shape of life. "In the Office, corporate employees, bosses, and even all kinds of Office Enterprise is in any form, this is my understanding of the concept of eco-Office. I understand that health is the most fundamental life form first. In addition, there will be more on the level of the pursuit, for example, grip, easy to sleep to get pleasure. For businesses, to be efficient, such a little thing, was recovered from the physical level, I think that is what we call eco-Office, finally to be implemented on humanistic care for. At present, eco-Office is the Office tries to detail plenty of humane care, fully let Office outside people think healthy, comfortable and relaxing.
Decorative sails in terms of office space design and construction, materials, and have years of advanced ecological concepts and theories, but I lead a team of excellent designers as the pioneer in the service, will bring new information to the wider more and explore the effect!

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