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Most basic Issue (problem) is the owner preferred to ask itself: I (we) really need what.  
Decoration must be designed that first step, owner to his own needs, with designer touch, let designers in the design process of thinking about the owners demand effect, understanding the habits of life of the owners, interest preferences and other information, convenient designers in the design process to effect better combined with style.  
Because design is not only just a drawing of the design, the concept can compare parts. Greater is the design needs of living things. Best to have a drawing, perhaps there is a design program for space, the effectiveness of implementation of a contact. Finally to respect your space, distinguished effect, the third is the decoration style  
As to how important the early well before the decoration after the demand effects in everyday life, there is a way, draw floor plan out which room do, clearly defined direction. Then settle down to, stay in the space, think about it, I want to here what, what there doing, imagining life after, you know what.  
Therefore, effectiveness, in the style of thinking.  
Some owners start decorating time, doesn't care what effect, minority owners of the last thought, and style; some owners are very practical thoughts clearly, clearly thinking about how better, more reasonable in the infinite space of the application.

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