Rough housing Inspector quality testing project
Rough housing housing quality inspection tests
1. floor: the empty drum cracks baseboard air drum smoothness; water, water (bathroom, toilet ground water test records), floor ground height difference; floor ground height; floor thickness; room net size, ground slope; waterproof; damp ground surface perception.
2. wall: paint a complete and consistent color; trachoma, brush pattern decoration line, color line straightness; empty drum crack surface roughness surface perpendicularity; corner square; corner meets; flue cracks surrounding water seepage water seepage on external walls; the ceiling.
3. indoor stairs: handrail; handrails material; handrails firmly attached; the seams; step height tread width; pole spacing.
4. doors and Windows installation: doors and Windows and the glass intact, and no damaged; glass varieties; layering and profile spacing; switch, and push pulled opened flexible; practice hand installation firm, and not loose; lock with intact, and not failure; screens intact, and no damaged; closely, and no shell sewing, and no Alice song; side no crack; no leakage; box are, and side vertical degrees; diagonal; elevation; height; width; doors and Windows vertical to deviated from Center; push pulled doors and Windows and box take received volume; decoration Hou housing added inspection: surface flat degrees; CD mouth, and line combined at level poor; box and fan, and Fan and fan seam height difference; doors fan lip sewing; on doors fan and box joints; doors fan and box joints; joints between sash and the lower box; double doors and inside and outside the box spacing joints without box doors and the ground, and so on.
5. door: scratches, damage to locks intact; the door cracks; securely; frames, side of vertical; height basket door tie spacing; diagonal; width; vertical door off center.
6. balcony: rail position; railing height fence verticality; rail spacing arm straightness; railing glass tile and paint your head level, uniformity; Glass Canopy installation; Racks and so on.
7. in practice, is consistent with the floor plan.
8. water supply: pipes for leaks and blockage (try to press the record table); water supply pipe too high; going through the roof for leaks.
9. drainage: drain has no leakage; drain has no pour slope; air conditioning hole and drain has no conflict; drain whether Jam (pass ball records see schedule); indoor drain and rain tube whether mixed with; drainage support tube whether below doors and Windows top, State tube away from wall spacing whether consistent, and reasonable; floor drain drainage whether unobstructed; rain tube installation whether effect sight or doors and Windows of opened; through floor at has no leakage; terrace ventilation tube height, and location whether reasonable,.
10. electrical: households within switch, and socket used same brand; households within lighting intact, and switch flexible, and socket configuration reasonable, and power; switch, and socket installation height, and flat degrees, and vertical degrees; wire line diameter whether reached design requirements identifies clear; switch, and socket, and households within box installation firm, and no loose; households within box within wiring right, and identifies full; toilet, and terrace whether used waterproof switch, and waterproof socket; air conditioning socket and air conditioning hole location whether consistent,;  
11. reserve: exhaust, exhaust duct, air holes, drainage holes set are reasonable; for reserved holes and drains, storm drains, there is no conflict;
12. weak: home multimedia information functions are complete; telecommunications in the information box, phone, cable TV module is installed properly; information box identifies the integrity;

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