Wall decoration for attention
Renovate, transform units may be able to make the space more comfortable and spacious. in order to ensure the safety of decoration, changed structure requires attention at least 5 of the following details.
1, the top beam can not be removed
Some owners decoration, top beams of the House affect the appearance, highlights of these beams removed. Beam is definitely not in the middle of demolition for housing, because the beams supporting the upper floors, removal or modification will cause the upper floors down.
Also note that is, some of the wall connecting beam on top of, removal can only be removed when the wall beneath the crossbar. The site removed the wall between the bedroom and study, but the wall beam above, here is unable to move, or security breaches. Meet beams cannot be removed, can use ceiling to hide beams, the beams plays a decorative role.
2, connect the balcony walls do not remove
Some owners to improve the room's lighting, balcony part of the demolition of the wall connections, increase the balcony door width, it wasn't allowed. Because the exterior walls of the House are typically bearing walls, even if the opening cut in the above window can be very dangerous.
In addition, some rooms with balcony on the wall between, had opened a window of a door, these doors can be removed, but the wall below the window cannot be removed. Windows line the walls known as "weight wall", it plays a role provoked a balcony. If the demolition of the wall, of the balcony will be bearing down, fall, leading to balcony.
3, prohibited demolition of bearing wall
Cannot be demolition bearing wall decoration, many people know that. But what kind of walls are load-bearing walls, not many people can say that clearly. Bearing walls are walls of precast beams with no walls, floor plan of bearing wall on wall thickness of paint is thicker than the non-load-bearing walls, the thickness of its walls is 24 cm, non-load-bearing wall of 10~15 cm. Exterior walls are usually load bearing walls, and neighbors common wall is load-bearing walls. General non-load-bearing wall in the bathroom, storage room, kitchen and hallway.
All in all, renovation House structure demolished wall, believe it would affect the structural safety of the House. Housing structure modification if the owners want to see construction design drawing, look at those who are bearing walls, after consultation with the relevant professionals for construction.
4, after wall repair work cannot be
Wall was defused, but later repair work cannot be ignored. For example, to remove the wall, when it comes to new wall surface with red bricks, is set on the walls of the new building of lacing. "Bar" is the place where old and new wall joint construction method, is to use a steel pull new and old walls, walls to guarantee global stability, shock resistance. While renovation
Cut openings in the walls, above the door to build a reinforced concrete "beam" so that we can share the pressure of wall above the door, avoid direct pressure to pressure on wall surface above the doorframe. Prevent doors and door variants and not open
5, should be reported to the approval of the property before the wall
Under normal circumstances, the building is completed, the original design will leave a drawing for property companies. Drawing on the load-bearing walls, non-load-bearing wall and other wall thickness and material are marked clearly. According to the drawings, the property company will be able to determine what is possible to dismantle the wall. Owners in the wall before the facelift, and designers to shop drawings must be submitted to the company, approved by the property before construction.

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