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Many people decorate a stylish bathroom, most will choose to tile ... but now we have added wallpapers as decoration elements, but wallpaper paste you need to master a few principles
1, the base handle base surface, to clean up the grass-roots level, making it free of dust, grease, and other debris.
2, line before pasting wallpaper, the first line, line is processed on the base play on horizontal and vertical lines, paste based on ensuring the quality of pasting.
3, paper paper is an important part of wallpaper paste, you should measure the height of the top to the bottom, cut the paper on the ground, under wallpaper size should be longer than the actual dimensions 10-20 mm, with all the wallpaper after a wet paste, generally after the infiltration of water, placed a 10-minute brushing glue.
4 wallpaper paste brush, brush glue gel is the key link, in order to ensure the robustness of paste, wallpaper and wall surface should be brushed on the back plastic, requires uniform coat of glue brush, tight and not leaking, you should wrap, heap, heap to prevent dirty wallpapers. Fang than wallpaper, wall brush glue wide width 30 mm.
5. Brush glue cementing must pay attention to the barrel
Principle 6, pasting paper wallpaper is perpendicular to the first level after, go after, high to low.
Method 1: paste wallpaper
After a smooth wall surface processing, tile wallpapers. Wallpaper very much, there are hundreds of even thousands of species, colors, patterns are very rich. Wallpaper is dirty, clean up is simple, new wallpaper can directly wipe with a damp cloth. Wallpaper used, can be peeled off the surface, without further processing, has put new wallpaper can directly, very convenient. Construction of wallpaper, mildew is the most main key technologies and address the issue of scalability:
1) mold processing. Wallpaper before you post, you need to deal with base, flying powder adhesive powder used for leveling. To dry, then brush on varnish one or two times, and then posted again.
2) processing of scale. Scalability of wallpaper is a chronic problem, the solution is to start from prevention. Must be reserved 0.5mm overlapping layer on the one hand, some one-sided pursuit of beauty and this overlap to cancel, this is inappropriate. Also, try to buy some better scalability of the wallpaper.

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