Decoration of wall decoration
1. Basic
Base plate on the wall as a whole are paved, attach a decorative Panel outside, the overall effect is elegant, but it will make the room look crowded. Also has a is is with density Board, plate whole surface Pu wall, but above again brush Shang white latex paint, from appearance Shang see not out is with plate decoration of, it is using density Board cutting convenient, and edge neatly straight of features, through plate of mosaic to do line, and pit slot, styling, such processing of wall surface both flat, and styling detailed, and avoid has large using plate and brings of crowded sense.
Method 2:
This is the easiest and most popular way of decorating the walls. Usually on the wall surface processing, leveling with PuTTY, sanded smooth, then brushed latex paint, latex paint is now the mainstream of wall surface processing. Upper internal corner junction plaster on the top line, the lower part and the ground at the junction of skirting close. This simple and clean, the room is bright and spacious, but the lack of change. Generally consists mainly of white emulsion paint, and of course you can also color, to increase your home's color. at the same time you can hang picture frames, pictures, tapestries, equipped with spotlights lighting, embellishment.

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