Decoration concealed works of the most important

decoration process, some covert design is often overlooked. In fact, these are not easily concealed works of important will become problems in the future.

1, drainage system   to strict check selection installation and cleaning of catch

when it comes to water, first think about water. In fact, prior to the water, hot and cold water pipes and drainage systems and water-related steps are more important. Improper drainage piping materials; pipelines for cracks and other defects; pipeline blockage and pipeline interfaces, caused by a foreign body in the slope is not installed correctly, may cause drain leak, running water and even danger of burst.

If wants to avoid above problem occurred, best of method is construction Qian, requirements workers carefully check pipeline and fittings, pipeline surface to cleanup clean, size errors also to in allows range within; construction Shi, first clear pipeline within debris, and prevent debris again off into pipeline within; construction in the, pipeline interface at of sealed should by process specification operation, drainage slope also should meet design requirements.

2, natural gas pipeline   small changes to avoid gas leaks

room type standard, space is not big enough, do not meet the living habits and so on, may be the reason you change natural gas pipeline. The existence of these problems, it may indeed bring inconvenience to your life, but professional designers proposed natural gas pipeline changed as little as possible, it is not a hardcover set of furniture in the room, don't like the deal down, most caused by unnecessary waste of resources. If you change a natural gas pipeline problem, may not be seen for a short time, for a long time is likely to lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and fire, home ownership, even neighbors caused irreparable major damage. Of course, if you want to change, and not cheap looking for guerrillas. Must be a qualified, professional natural gas company to do.

3, waterproof   carefully closed water test not less

waterproof is the bathroom, home to one of the most important projects as a whole, if a problem occurs, most likely to own or neighbors create difficulties.

waterproof construction to wants to do have rigorous, following several step cannot less: construction environment temperature should meet waterproof material of technology requirements, temperature in 5 degrees above party can for construction; kitchen, and bathroom wall surface waterproof layer of height shall not below 1800mm; floor drain, and casing, and corner at should made round arc waterproof, also to has waterproof additional layer; finished waterproof Hou 24 hours shall not Stampede, stay coating completely dry Hou, again do closed water test, these steps completed Hou, to for next. Construction of closed water test, home is best witnessed in order to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the test.

4, high quality wire   casing is a guarantee of safety in intensive care

electricity is essential for family life, wires may also be associated with the source of the fire. Wires are hidden in the wall, if you do not pass the quality, a long period of time will produce a spark or ignition. Therefore, the wire quality is good or bad, whether it belongs to the considerations of flame retardant products in our range. In addition, in addition to the high quality of the wire, a high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance strong, fire-retardant jacket tube is also essential.

5, large products risks   the installation works properly

installation should be the last step in the construction process of home improvement, many focus on concealed works of consumers, all take a breath at this time. In fact, installation works the same with your home security is inseparable. Large lamps, wall cabinets in the room need to install large, product quality, hardware quality, workers installed strict or not determines the result of the installation works.

4 cent 6 min   installed;

6,   dry hanging stone specifications

for the pursuit of fashion, creating close to the feeling of nature, all types of stone have been become home decoration heart good. However, these stones decorate your home at the same time, may also be hurting you "murderer".

stone what safe? for this problem, the designer said, for installing stone country is a certain standard, namely home decoration, as long as the stone appears not just with cement mortar and adhesive for bonding, must be supported with steel frame and installation of embedded parts and walls complete laminating lines, known as "dry hanging stone."

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