Renovation of common sense

Ningbo Chinese-style decoration wind blows
"Renovation is the" classical style style time flow, blowing a civilization of 5,000 years history. Home industry is blowing the "China wind", is the renovation of the ancient--> technique consistent with the conservative elements of civilization and build successfully reconciling family-friendly environment.
Large Chinese-style decoration and decoration of the Villa in fact continue to occupy a high proportion of those high-end customers generally want in home decoration into the conservative element of civilization, makes home can look elegant, but also the rich smell of civilization.
In order to successfully complete the effect of Chinese-style decoration, details and layout is essential. -->
Living room mahogany material placed to one side of a group of Chinese-style sofa, heavy stable plenty of color and texture. Ends of the sofa, place a warm antique floor lamps, wall hung a framed wooden frame works of calligraphy is indispensable, antique scent will let every one into the living rooms of people feeling a strong China wind, worldly distractions and miscellaneous instantly gone missing, give people peace of mind.
"Color is a gas" shows conservative Chinese Red if you want to make the visiting guests into the home and immediately feel the distant "China wind", the color of the rational collocation of indispensable, it is to give people a first impression of critical Visual elements.
White is the nation's favorite color, the color is converted and became a totem of Chinese civilization and flesh, but most Chinese colors other than white, black, Chinese-style furniture and accessories are often darker deep white, black, or dark yellow.
If all rooms are using these colors will appear too dignified, people suppressed. Therefore, once you have selected the Chinese-style decoration, overall demand for thought in all colors, retro, heavy dark does to people, in the selection of rosewood, mahogany, rosewood and other materials from the sky, also, on the wall, with a little white or off-white to decorate. Retro in the Chinese-style house to be the essence of color must be dedicated to "sink" color cannot be suppressed or not too solemn, typical color scheme should be reasonable so that the room is filled with the "China wind", without losing the ancient odors, make people feel peace inside and hold on to.

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