Renovation of common sense

Renovated principle is what
1, security principles: decoration cannot damage the bearing housing structure and architecture; on the materials used must be environmentally friendly, decoration pollution prevention; for hydropower construction materials and utilities projects, should be taller than the construction industry to the two brackets in general home safety requirements than other construction works.
2, practical principles: use features to maximize customer satisfaction, any renovation project without the use of function, also has lost the meaning of their existence. Renovation must meet the people's life, work, study, entertainment, environmental space and storage needs.
Principle 3, aesthetics: home of the principle is to have beautiful artistic. Beautiful with your character, aesthetic standards, culture, personal interests and other factors, and strive to do personalized decoration in public renovation projects should be consistent with the aesthetic ideas of the masses, which also have to be common; attractive should personality beauty and common American harmonization.
4, economic principles: with less money to achieve satisfactory finishes, this is the home of economy. Economic principles often contradictions and conflicts with principles of practical beauty, as long as you take reasonable repair "value for money", will be able to coordinate the relation between them

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