Renovation of common sense

Construction of what is included
Standard construction is the key to ensure the quality of decoration.
Home improvement construction trades including: demolition workers, plumbers, masons, carpenters, painters, etc. According to the construction project includes the following:
1, demolition: by redesigning the layout of, removed some non-load-bearing walls, openings, redundant structures.
2, hydropower projects: including arrangement and construction of water supply and drain again; circuit reset, switches, sockets, lamps to determine position and wiring, setting lines and so on.
3, roof engineering: including all ceilings and decorative moldings at the top of ... ... Wait.
4, wall engineering: includes wall latex paint, tile, wallpaper background, wall decoration, wall decoration ... ... Wait.
5, surface engineering: including wood flooring, floor tiles, laminate flooring, skirting ... ... Wait.
6, furniture works: includes coats cabinets, bookcases, TV cabinets, dressers, Shoe cabinets, desks, wine cooler ... ... Wait.
7, door and window engineering: includes the production and installation of Windows and doors and for doors and Windows, and so on.
8, paint works: including painting every project.
9, installation engineering: includes sink, basins, sanitary ware, lamps, appliances, air conditioning ... ... Installation.

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